Choose the best colour for your Ruitertassen leather satchel.

Which satchel colour should I choose?

QUESTION. I’m planning the purchase of a Ruitertassen Heritage satchel, but I don’t know which colour to pick. Aside colour shade, are there any differences that could potentially influence my decision? ANSWER. […]

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Business tan leather briefcase with back pocket.

Which Vanguard bag is best for my work essentials?

QUESTION My work essentials consists of: 1 Macbook air 1 laptop charger 1 iPad – 9.7″ 1 ring binder Which bag from the Vanguard range is the best fit for me? ANSWER […]

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Supple leather backpack for men.

Can supple backpack’s leather stain my clothes?

QUESTION I am interested in purchasing one of your supple leather backpack, either the Ranger, the Reporter or the Windfront. Suppose it’s hot and I’m sweating on my bike, is the leather […]

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Leather bag exposed to rain.

Should I waterproof my new bag?

QUESTION I received my Ruitertassen bag today. Should I waterproof the leather? How? ANSWER None of the Ruitertassen bags need waterproofing when new. Note that rain isn’t leather’s enemy and occasional exposure […]

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Choosing the right Ruitertassen leather satchel briefcase.

What differentiates the satchels from the Heritage range?

QUESTION I’d like to buy a satchel from the Heritage range, but there are many variations and they all look the same. What are the key elements that differentiate them? ANSWER The […]

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Officiel Harry Potter small satchel made by Ruitertassen.

Where can I purchase a Harry Potter satchel?

QUESTION I discovered the Harry Potter satchels made by Ruitertassen. They look fantastic, is it still possible to buy them? ANSWER The Harry Potter satchel are now only available on second-hand markets. […]

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Tan leather satchel with asymmetric front pockets.

Which is best for me: Professor or Scholar satchel?

QUESTION I’m torn between a 2 gussets Professor satchel and a 2 gussets Scholar satchel. Could you give me some advice? ANSWER There are two aspects that differentiate the Professor and the […]

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