A chat with the owner of a ‘Professor Backpack Satchel II’.

Ruitertassen Professor satchel in vegetable-tanned leather.

‘Phil Action’ is 55 years old, and he owns a Professor Backpack Satchel II in tan leather.
He is a Junior high / Senior high school teacher.
Although he is born in France, and naturalised American, Phil teaches in Japan.

How do you spend your free time Phil?

I don’t have much free time… I like to play backgammon.

Something random that you love?

A happy hello.

Something random that annoys you?

False laughter.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Belgium”?

The Belgian UFO Wave of 1989. (And chocolate covered waffles!)

Why did you choose this Ruitertassen model?

The backpack option.

Your first impressions when you unboxed your satchel?

I want a red one!

What do you carry in your satchel?

(The customer provided the photos).
I am sure that I can fit a lot more in. And I am equally sure that there will be times when I do.

Your favourite thing about this bag?

The whole thing is my favorite, and of course the “bretelles” i.e., the straps that allow the bag to be carried as a backpack.

Tan leather satchel that belongs to a Professor.

Who would you recommend this bag to?

Anyone who who misses the good old days.
Anyone who thinks fashion has a bearing on daily life.
Anyone who wants a sturdy, rugged, long-lasting, quality bag that will be a long-term companion.
(Maybe even a lifetime companion: especially for someone my age!)

Would you dissuade anyone to choose this particular satchel, and why?

People who are mean and selfish. They don’t deserve to look good!

Want to know more about this satchel?
Read the product page of the Professor Backpack Satchel II.

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