What differentiates the satchels from the Heritage range?

Choosing the right Ruitertassen leather satchel briefcase.


I’d like to buy a satchel from the Heritage range, but there are many variations and they all look the same.
What are the key elements that differentiate them?


The heritage satchel is Ruitertassen’s traditional career bag, but there several versions to choose from depending on your needs. Each satchel is a variant of a main design with unique “options”. As these options alter the look of the satchel (albeit sometimes ever so slightly), we prefer to present each variant under a distinct name, reference and a unique set of photographs.

Foundations of a Ruitertassen heritage satchel that don’t vary from one model to another:

  • The handcrafting methods.
  • The quality of nylon thread and hardware.
  • The leather is always full-grain and vegetable-tanned.
  • The traditional look.

What varies from one model to another:

  • The colour and finish of the leather.
  • The number of gussets / main compartments.
  • The front pockets design (single, symmetric or asymmetric pockets).
  • The option to carry the satchel as a backpack.
  • The finish level – superior on all the “laptop” labelled satchels.
  • The general size of the satchel.

The names are made to help:

  • The “PROFESSOR” always have two symmetrical front pockets.
  • The “SCHOLAR” have two asymmetrical front pockets.
  • The “STUDENT” have a large single front pocket.
  • The roman numbers I, II and III indicate the number of main compartments.
  • The word “OVERSIZED” is used for the most capacious 3 compartments satchels.
  • The word “BACKPACK” means that the satchel converts to a backpack.

For example, the “Scholar backpack satchel III” has 3 main compartments, 2 asymmetric front pockets (Scholar) and it can be carried as a backpack.

For more distinctions and specific measurements, click on the “Details” tab on the bag’s description page.

4 questions to ask yourself to choose best:

  1. How many main compartments (gussets) do I need (I, II or III).
  2. Would it be useful to be able to carry it as a backpack sometimes?
  3. Do I need a separate pocket for my laptop?
  4. Which colour do I prefer?

You will narrow your choice down to just a handful models, perhaps one or two.
If you are still unsure, read through the details of each bag to see the measurements and always try to select the most compact bag.

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