Which Vanguard bag is best for my work essentials?

Business tan leather briefcase with back pocket.


My work essentials consists of:

  • 1 Macbook air
  • 1 laptop charger
  • 1 iPad – 9.7″
  • 1 ring binder

Which bag from the Vanguard range is the best fit for me?


The two bags to consider are the Vanquish briefcase and the Vault briefcase.
Our pick: the Vanquish briefcase.

Your essentials can be stowed as follow:

  • Macbook air in the dedicated laptop pocket
  • Charger and main accessories in the front main compartment
  • iPad in the back pocket or inside, in the zippered pocket
  • Binder in the back compartment

The Vanquish will provide enough storage with a little bit of extra room for some documents and few small accessories.
The Vault is the way to go only if you need to carry a second binder regularly.

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