Which is best for me: Professor or Scholar satchel?

Tan leather satchel with asymmetric front pockets.


I’m torn between a 2 gussets Professor satchel and a 2 gussets Scholar satchel.
Could you give me some advice?


There are two aspects that differentiate the Professor and the Scholar satchels with 2 gussets (2 main compartments).

1. The front pockets style.

The Professor satchel has two symmetrical front pockets under the front flap.
Each pocket is about 5.9″ wide, 7.9″ tall and 1.2″ deep.

The Scholar design features two asymmetrical front pockets under the front flap.
The largest one is about 7.9″ wide, 8.6″ tallĀ and 1.2″ deep.
The smaller one is about 4.7″ wide, 8.6″ tallĀ and 1.2″ deep.

The Scholar was originally designed for doctors and professors carrying larger accessories that were best kept separated from their documents. Nowadays, the larger pocket is ideal to stow a tablet, laptop charger or even a bulky audio headset.

The Professor is more traditional, the front pockets are perfect for a pencil case, small dictionary, wallet etc.

2. The main compartments capacity differs.

The Scholar satchels are approx. 0.8″ longer and 1.6″ taller than the Professor satchels.
That extra capacity means it’s much easier to carry large ring binders in a Scholar satchel for example.

On the other hand, the Professor satchels are more compact, but are limited to books and standard A4 folders. They’re ideal for a computer up to 14.2″ long.
If your laptop measures between 14.2″ and 15″ then you will be better off using a Scholar satchel.


Because the satchel’s look and feel is influenced by it’s front pockets, it’s easy to simply go for the one you’re the most attracted to visually.

However, one model is slightly more voluminous than the other and you should always try to go for the smaller option whenever possible to avoid carrying a daily bag that offers more than you actually need.

  • Make sure the Scholar won’t be too spacious for your daily essentials. If your laptop is on the smaller side, your documents are all A4 or less and you have just a few accessories, you should consider the Professor design.
  • Make sure that the Professor won’t be too small either. If you carry a larger binder, if your laptop measures up to 15″, or if you plan on taking your satchel for the weekend, the Scholar is your best bet.



  • I just received the Scholar with backpack straps and shoulder strap and am 100 percent thrilled with it. In fact, I was thinking of asking Ruitertassen if they have any cards (sized like business cards) with the website address on them, company logo and possibly a picture of a bag or two, to hand out to admirers who stop to ask me where I got my bag. This has already happened a few times, and I have only had it a couple of weeks! I think it would be smart to include a small batch of these cards (50?) with every new bag, with the coded number of the bag, so that when admirers are given a card and order one, the home office will know which purchaser recommended it. This would be a fantastic “underground marketing” tool, and very inexpensive to implement.

    • Dear Mr. Murray,

      This is actually an excellent idea.
      You are talking about an experience our customers know too well!
      They get asked about their Ruitertassen, at the cafe, at the airport, at the office…

      Let’s make this cards idea a reality. Thank you.


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