Where can I purchase a Harry Potter satchel?

Officiel Harry Potter small satchel made by Ruitertassen.


I discovered the Harry Potter satchels made by Ruitertassen.
They look fantastic, is it still possible to buy them?


The Harry Potter satchel are now only available on second-hand markets.
We made the “sorcerer’s bags” mainly between 2001 and 2005 to support the release of the original trilogy.
They were produced under official license for a limited time with the Warner studios.
The Harry Potter satchels made by Ruitertassen are highly collectible items.

There are three official sorcerer’s bags:

  • The 14″ satchel with a central buckle – based on this briefcase.
  • The 15″ satchel with two buckles – based on this briefcase.
  • The doctor’s bag. This model is rare. According to our archives, we only produced 500 pieces worldwide.
    Mainly used to decorate stores, there are no equivalent currently in our catalogue.



    • Lucky you! The price is tied to demand on second hand’s market.
      To give you an idea, the new version of this bag costs today $259. The Harry Potter collector version can potentially fetch a higher price because of its rarity.
      I have seen people selling them anywhere between £150 to £500, but to be honest, I doubt they actually sold for £500. Given enough time, it will get there.
      Other models are even harder to come by and are already close to the £500 mark.


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