Where can I purchase a Harry Potter satchel?

Officiel Harry Potter small satchel made by Ruitertassen.


I discovered the Harry Potter satchels made by Ruitertassen.
They look fantastic, is it still possible to buy them?


The Harry Potter satchel are now only available on second-hand markets.
We made the “sorcerer’s bags” mainly between 2001 and 2005 to support the release of the original trilogy.
They were produced under official license for a limited time with the Warner studios.
The Harry Potter satchels made by Ruitertassen are highly collectible items.

There are three official sorcerer’s bags:

  • The 14″ satchel with a central buckle – based on this briefcase.
  • The 15″ satchel with two buckles – based on this briefcase.
  • The doctor’s bag. This model is rare. According to our archives, we only produced 500 pieces worldwide.
    Mainly used to decorate stores, there are no equivalent currently in our catalogue.



    • I have one of these 15’ bags. Excellent unused condition. Looking for a buyer.

    • Lucky you! The price is tied to demand on second hand’s market.
      To give you an idea, the new version of this bag costs today $259. The Harry Potter collector version can potentially fetch a higher price because of its rarity.
      I have seen people selling them anywhere between £150 to £500, but to be honest, I doubt they actually sold for £500. Given enough time, it will get there.
      Other models are even harder to come by and are already close to the £500 mark.

  • I recently aquired a backpack made by your company. Its a harry potter edition. I have already got the other 3 bags you made. But i can not for the life of me find any more information on the bag except it was made for warner bros by your company between 2001 and 2005. Do you have any further info. Even how rare is it

    • Dear Martin, thanks for your question.
      We have made a semi-supple vintage brown leather backpack indeed.
      This was made prior to the briefcases and doctor bag, around the year 2000.
      It is hard to recover the number that has been made, but it was not many…

  • Hello, I have one of the 14” Harry Potter bags and I would like to know how much it’s worth
    Thank you

    • Hello! We appreciate the fact that we look like the right entity to provide you with this information. However, these are now collector items, which price is determined by potentials buyers.
      We see them come and go on Ebay for example, and prices seem to go anywhere from 200 to 500€.

  • I have a black distressed leather, Ruitertassen Double Pocket Harry Potter Triple Width bag/briefcase. It’s something that a professor or a lawyer/law student would use because of the number of books it will hold. It also has the fittings on the case to convert to a backpack. Everything is original Ruitertassen. Triple width with double pockets in front. Harry Potter is embossed on the front with the Owl Post Service brass emblem. It has 3 big compartments, with 2 of the center ones zippered. The front 2 pockets are different sizes with one having a leather fold over flap with a snap. The bigger one is open. It would be considered mint condition, though used a bit. It is one of the more rare ones because I don’t think many this size were made. And I did buy them directly from Ruitertassen in 2000 . I bought a huge shipment from them and sold them on eBay. I also have an original Ruitertassen Brown distressed leather Lord of the Rings briefcase as well. All the amazing same craftmanship as Harry Potter but Lord of the Rings. Most beautiful case ever. I get stopped all the time. I may be interested in selling the Harry Potter triple case. I do have photos. Cheers!

    • This alls sounds very interesting, and exciting! And it’s wonderful that you can use them.
      We, as of today, are not aware of all the models that have been made at the time, because some of them were done in very small quantities.
      Can you contact us on shop@ruitertassen.com please send us photos of the Lord of the Rings and large black HP one?

  • I have one of these bags: Extremely Rare Harry Potter Leather Bag by Ruitertassen Limited Edition
    Excellent unused condition. Looking for a buyer

    • Dear Sandra, your comment is now visible, and potential buyers are free to leave a message for you here. Which model is it exactly? All the best.

    • Did you happen to find a buyer? I am looking and interested in buying bags.

  • Sandra, do you still have the bag at this point? I am a very motivated buyer.


  • I am interested in buying any bags that might be available. I am a collector and would love to add some bags to it. I have two already and would love to see what is available

  • Oh, i seem to have the 15″ satchel with two buckles. I knew it was rare but i didn’t know any details about it!


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