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Choose the best colour for your Ruitertassen leather satchel.

Which satchel colour should I choose?

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QUESTION. I’m planning the purchase of a Ruitertassen Heritage satchel, but I don’t know which colour to pick. Aside colour shade, are there any differences that could potentially influence my decision? ANSWER. This should be a matter of taste. However, at Ruitertassen, leather is artisanal and because of that, there is more than meets the […]

Business tan leather briefcase with back pocket.

Which Vanguard bag is best for my work essentials?

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QUESTION My work essentials consists of: 1 Macbook air 1 laptop charger 1 iPad – 9.7″ 1 ring binder Which bag from the Vanguard range is the best fit for me? ANSWER The two bags to consider are the Vanquish briefcase and the Vault briefcase. Our pick: the Vanquish briefcase. Your essentials can be stowed […]

Supple leather backpack for men.

Can supple backpack’s leather stain my clothes?

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QUESTION I am interested in purchasing one of your supple leather backpack, either the Ranger, the Reporter or the Windfront. Suppose it’s hot and I’m sweating on my bike, is the leather susceptible to stain my t-shirt? ANSWER The Ranger and the Windfront have a pigskin back panel. This leather is not oiled so it […]

Leather bag exposed to rain.

Should I waterproof my new bag?

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QUESTION I received my Ruitertassen bag today. Should I waterproof the leather? How? ANSWER None of the Ruitertassen bags need waterproofing when new. Note that rain isn’t leather’s enemy and occasional exposure is harmless. What’s important is to allow for the leather to dry slowly and naturally. The tannery finishes our leather in order to […]

Choosing the right Ruitertassen leather satchel briefcase.

What differentiates the satchels from the Heritage range?

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QUESTION I’d like to buy a satchel from the Heritage range, but there are many variations and they all look the same. What are the key elements that differentiate them? ANSWER The heritage satchel is Ruitertassen’s traditional career bag, but there several versions to choose from depending on your needs. Each satchel is a variant […]

Officiel Harry Potter small satchel made by Ruitertassen.

Where can I purchase a Harry Potter satchel?

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QUESTION I discovered the Harry Potter satchels made by Ruitertassen. They look fantastic, is it still possible to buy them? ANSWER The Harry Potter satchel are now only available on second-hand markets. We made the “sorcerer’s bags” mainly between 2001 and 2005 to support the release of the original trilogy. They were produced under official […]

Tan leather satchel with asymmetric front pockets.

Which is best for me: Professor or Scholar satchel?

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QUESTION I’m torn between a 2 gussets Professor satchel and a 2 gussets Scholar satchel. Could you give me some advice? ANSWER There are two aspects that differentiate the Professor and the Scholar satchels with 2 gussets (2 main compartments). 1. The front pockets style. The Professor satchel has two symmetrical front pockets under the […]